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2011 Citizen Satisfaction Survey Results
About the Survey Results
The City commissioned Decision Analyst, Inc. to conduct an online citizen survey which was posted on the City's website between November 1, 2011 and December 19, 2011.   From traffic and road construction to sidewalks, parks and City services, more than 800 residents took the time to give the City its bi-annual report card.

The survey results and analyses presented below provide Council and staff with information that will be used to make sound, strategic decisions in a variety of areas, including service improvements and enhancements, measuring and tracking internal performance, budgeting, policy, and planning. 

Staff Presentation
The full presentation has been provided below in 4 parts.  You can click on the links to view the pdf version of the presentation. Videos that show the slides along with narration have also been provided for each part below.

  • Part 1

  • Part 2

  • Part 3

  • Part 4

    Written Report Residents' Comments
    • Question 4:  If the City government could change one thing to make Southlake a better place to live, now and in the future, what change would you like to see?
    • Question 6:  Now, thinking about the City of Southlake overall, what would you say is the most important issue facing Southlake today? 
    • Question 9:  You described your experience with the City’s trash and recycling contractor as poor or fair. Please take a moment to describe your response with the City’s trash and recycling contractor.
    • Question 35A:  You indicated some level of dissatisfaction with the City’s Customer Service. Please provide any comments or feedback that you would like to share about this employee.
    • Question 40:  Do you have any other comments or messages you would like to share with the Police Department about this issue?
    • Question 45:  Do you have any other comments or messages you would like to share with the City about their communications?
    • Question 54:  What information do you access most often on the website?
    • Question 64:  What types of retail and commercial development would you like to see in Southlake?
    • Question 74:  Please use the box below to let us know anything else you would like to tell the City Manager about Southlake.
    Additional Information
  • Decision Analyst's Report
  • Results Location Map