Information Technology

Vision Statement
To be a model information and technology organization recognized for proactive leadership, value-added / cost-effective innovation and best in-class customer service.

Mission Statement
To provide technology services to the City of Southlake that are secure, scalable, reliable, financially viable and aligned with the city’s Strategic Management System. We will accomplish this through an organization that is efficiently and effectively managed and whose practices are underpinned by the core values of the city.

IT Strategy

The IT strategy map was developed to graphically display the IT department’s core services and the interrelations between those services and the City’s primary objectives. The strategy map ensures alignment between IT core services and the City’s overall strategy. With the appropriate financial resources combined with an effective team, the IT department will enable the execution of the City's strategic action plans that drive our customer service excellence to ensure that we attain our mission.

Quality Management
The Information Technology Quality Management System ensures that best of class services are delivered and managed within the City's value framework.  IT leverages industry standards for IT service management, compliance, and continuous process improvement.  The IT department tracks many metrics to produce a balanced scorecard demonstrating proven performance.