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Winter Storm Related Updates

  • Following the recent winter storm, on-site inspections are expected to resume on Monday, February 22. Virtual inspections for water heater replacement and HVAC are also available.
  • If you need repairs to your home's fire suppression system, make sure the company has a Sprinkler Certificate of Registration (SCR). Also, make sure the individual performing the repairs has a license to make those repairs. Here's a link to the Texas Department of Insurance that provides more information.
  • Are you looking for a local plumber or general contractor that’s registered to do work in Southlake? We can help! Remember, the City is not recommending these plumbers or general contractors, but they have registered to work locally, so it may be quicker for them to get the work done! - Plumbers Registered In Southlake / General Contractors Registered in Southlake

Latest Building Inspection News

The City of Southlake continues to conduct all building inspections. However, due to the current circumstances with COVID-19, some changes have been made to the City’s regular building inspection protocols.

Pool Damage from the Recent Storm?

It is likely that if you lost electrical power during the storm you also suffered damage to your pool or spa (motor, filter, valves, heater, fountain or pipes). If you have damage or suspect that you may have damage to your pool and/or spa, view our Steps to Recover from Pool & Spa Damage infographic.

  1. Questions and Answers

    Questions Regarding City Regulations and Damage Repair

    Have questions about City of Southlake regulations and repairing damage to private property from the recent winter storm? See our Q&A. Additional Info...
  2. How Do I - Code Enforcement Concern

    City Launches New Forms on How to Report a Code Enforcement Concern

    The City of Southlake Planning and Development Services Department has launched a new form for citizens to use to report code enforcement issues. Additional Info...
  3. Senior Planning Director and Assistant Police Chief Honored for their Work

    Assistant Police Chief Ashleigh Casey and Senior Planning and Building Services Director Ken Baker were recently honored by their City of Southlake colleagues as Deputy Director of the Year and Outstanding Strategic Performer of the year, respectively. Additional Info...
  4. solarpanels 2021

    City Plans to Amend Zoning Ordinance for Solar Systems

    As the efficiency of solar systems improves and become more affordable, the popularity of installing them on residential and commercial structures continues to increase. Additional Info...
  5. What is EnerGov

    Request a Permit Through Our Self-Service Portal

    The City understands the importance of customer service and wants the community to have access to request a permit and request inspections online, from the comfort of their home. Additional Info...
  6. Meet Seantay - PDS (1)

    Meet World Class Employee Seantay Carpenter

    As you drive through Southlake, you may notice signs about events, projects and upcoming meetings posted throughout the City. Additional Info...
  7. Accessory Dwelling 2

    Let's Talk Residential Accessory Dwellings

    Residential Accessory dwellings are smaller, independent residential dwelling units that can either be part of the primary residences or a completely separate smaller residential structure located on the same lot as a primary residence. Additional Info...
  8. Do I Need a Permit?

    Are you planning a new home project? If so, you may need a permit. Additional Info...
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About Building Inspections

Building Inspections is a division of Planning and Development Services tasked with overseeing the building phase of development by reviewing plans, processing permits and performing inspections. The division mission is to ensure that the construction, alteration or maintenance of buildings conforms to recognized standards for building safety and quality of life. 

Contractor Registration

All General Contractors are required to register with the City on a yearly basis and pay a fee. Trade contractors who hold a current state license are not required to register with the City but are required to provide information regarding the license holder. 

Update to Inspection Scheduling:

Next Day Inspections: Reasonable efforts are made to complete inspections on the day requested (when requests are received by the 12 a.m. (midnight) cut-off time). Circumstances sometimes require some inspections to be moved to the following day. If this happens, the inspection will be rescheduled automatically. Check the online system for inspection results and updates.

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