Mobility Partners

When it comes to mobility in Southlake, the City of Southlake partners with various cities, municipalities, organizations and entities for mobility related construction and issues.

About Our Partners

  • TXDOT is our partner anytime they own the road, highway or traffic signal.
  • NCTCOG is our partner when dealing with traffic as a region. 
  • Tarrant County is our partner when we work to jointly repair roadways.
  • Neighboring cities (Keller, Westlake, Colleyville, Grapevine, etc.) become partners any time there is an issue on a road that runs through multiple cities. 
  • For some CIP mobility projects, other municipality’s input or right of way is needed. 

​City Divisions

In addition to mobility partners, the City of Southlake has divisions to support with traffic management. 
  • [LINK] to OTM page
  • In August 2017, the Traffic Management Division was created. The division works closely with the City's Office of Traffic Management and oversees the maintenance and management of six traffic signals, all school crosswalk signals and more than 5,000 street signs. Learn more about the Traffic Management Division here.  
Construction Workers Working on Road