Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Program

Fats, oil and grease, collectively known as FOG, are found in most residential and commercial kitchens. The discharge of FOG to sanitary sewer systems is a problem because the FOG can accumulate in the sewer and cause a backup or overflow. If this happens, there could be severe consequences that include:

  • Significant hazards to public health
  • Damage to the environment
  • Doing irrevocable harm to the Food Service Establishment
  • Damage to other businesses and residences
  • Damage to the public sewer system
The City of Southlake's FOG program was established by Ordinance 914, adopted October, 2007. The intent of the program is to regulate liquid waste generators and haulers to ensure protection of the public health, the environment and to prevent damage to the City's public sewer system.

Through Ordinance 914, policy has been established to control all aspects of the program. For a more detailed look at this policy, please refer to the City of Southlake FOG Policy Manual by clicking the link below.
City of Southlake FOG Policy Manual