Code Enforcement Division

The Code Enforcement Division of the City is staffed by two enforcement officers. The division plays a major role in preserving the integrity of the neighborhoods, buildings and overall quality of life within the city and is responsible for ensuring the following:
  • Enforcement of the City Code dealing with non-criminal matters such as public nuisances, high grass, trash and abandoned vehicles;
  • Enforcement of the zoning ordinance in terms of permitted uses and activity;
  • Enforcement of the sign ordinance; and
  • Enforcement of the tree preservation ordinance.
Please note that Animal Control services are offered by the Department of Public Safety. Please direct any animal related questions or concerns to the Department of Public Safety at 817-748-8150.

Code Enforcement Problems

If you would like to report high grass, junk vehicles, trash and debris, zoning violations, or other code enforcement problems, please call the code enforcement hotline at 817-748-8654