Sign Ordinance

Temporary Sign Regulations

The City of Southlake realizes that businesses are being severely impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency. To assist businesses in succeeding and to create a safer environment for the public, the Southlake City Council approved new and existing temporary regulations (deregulations) until June 1, 2021. Southlake City Council will reconvene to consider extending the temporary regulations to a later date in 2021.

To view temporary sign regulations, visit our Business Regulation Relief web page.

Sign Ordinance and Additional Information

The Sign Ordinance creates the legal framework for comprehensive and balanced sign guidelines for the city. City Council adopted the current ordinance, Sign Ordinance No. 704-J, on March 5, 2019. As of March 27, 2018, sign companies are now required to register with the City of Southlake as a sign contractor. The registration link is provided below:
Once registered, sign contractors will be able to log into the city's online permitting and inspections webpage, titled EnerGov Customer Self Service to review and track sign permits.  Click on the link to access EnerGov Customer Self Service.

Please be aware that many commercial developments in the city are subject to special sign regulations, called Conditional Sign Permits or Master Sign Plans. A partial listing of these developments include Southlake Town Square, Shops of Southlake, Gateway/Wyndham Plaza, Jellico Square, Southlake Corners, Bicentennial Retail Plaza, and Watermere. Please contact Planning & Development Services staff to determine if special sign regulations apply to your location.

Sign Permit Applications

Sign Variance Applications

Please contact Planning & Development Services staff for complete details on the requirements for sign variances and master sign plan applications.
  • Sign Variance (for individual sign variance requests)
  • Master Sign Plan (for developments - please refer to Section 8 of the Sign Ordinance for design guidelines)