Tree Preservation / Removal

Tree Preservation Ordinance

The Tree Preservation Ordinance helps to ensure environmentally sensitive site planning. The purpose of the ordinance is to:
  • Further the preservation of mature trees and natural areas,
  • Protect trees during construction,
  • Facilitate site design and construction to contribute to the long term viability of existing trees, and
  • To control the removal of trees when necessary.
Southlake's current Tree Preservation Ordinance is Ordinance No. 585-E. All new development applications must comply with this ordinance. However, plans or plats approved prior to September 1, 2005 are subject to Ordinance 585-B.

Tree Conservation Map

The Tree Conservation Map is a representation of all the properties within the City of Southlake where prior to development or zoning of the properties existing trees were preserved as part of a formally approved Tree Conservation Plan. Removal or alteration of existing trees on the represented properties is regulated by the Tree Preservation Ordnance. Follow the link below to go to the Tree Conservation Map. Please be aware this map is updated regularly and therefore subject to change.
DISCLAIMER: This map is intended for general information purposes only, and because it must be continuously updated all properties that are regulated by Tree Conservation Plans approved with the zoning or development plans as required by the Tree Preservation Ordinance may not be currently represented. If you may have any concerns please contact the City of Southlake Planning and Development Services.

Permit Information

Tree Protection Inspection Permit
Tree Permit Posting Requirements
Tree & Brush Removal Permit
Standard Construction Details for Tree Protection

Tree Diseases and Problems

Dutch Elm Disease
Mistletoe (link to Texas Forest Pest Management Page)
Hypoxylon Canker (link to Texas Forest Pest Management Page)

Off-Site Links

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