DFW Airport and the City of Southlake

Southlake is situated just five miles from DFW Airport, the third busiest airport in the United States with more than 680,000 flights, managed on seven runways going in and out of the airport every year.

Aircraft Noise

Because of Southlake’s close proximity, City Council and City Staff have strived to maintain a strong partnership with the DFW Airport Executive Staff and the staff working in the DFW Noise Compatibility Office

Through the years these conversations have resulted in practices that help ensure noise level rules and flight patterns are enforced.

DFW Noise Cone Future Land Use Map

The DFW Noise Cone map (click for a larger view) shows the air corridor utilization zone which is the air corridor over Southlake where departing planes head from and where arriving planes land to when using the west diagonal runway. The corridor was established in the 80s’ to help with land use decisions and to minimize the impact of aircraft noise on City residents and businesses. In fact, this identified corridor has impacted land use decisions for development occurring within the corridor.  For example, any residential development within the corridor built since the late 1980s has what’s called an aviation easement on the property deed recognizing that the property is built within the air corridor utilization zone.

2018 Runway Rehabilitation

With DFW Airport now nearing its 50th anniversary, much of its infrastructure is in need of replacement or repair.  Since 2011, DFW Airport has made investments into updating its runway infrastructure, in 2018 that investment will focus on the rehabilitation of its main runway 17C/35C.  The rehab project will include:

  • Replacing the center third of the runway - about 6,000 feet.
  • Asphalt resurfacing of the entire runway length
  • Asphalt resurfacing for the entire runway length
  • Rehab of the parallel runway taxiway M (This work will be done after the runway work is complete)
  • Install Runway Status light system
  • Build a portion of the Northeast End around Taxiway.
2018 May-Nov Runway Closure information

The project will run from May 24 – to early December, and Southlake residents may notice changes to the way that aircraft take off and land from the airport.  The partial closure from May 24 – to early August will allow some use of the center runway 17C/35C. When the runway closes in full, sometime in early August, it will be offline to all aircraft until mid November. 

The map below shows the DFW Airport runways. During the 17C/35R rehab process takeoffs and landings will shift to its six other runways.  During north-flow operations, there could be more use of the western diagonal runway 13R/31L (shown in light blue).

Runway map

DFW Airport Future Plans

On May 1, 2018, Chad Makovsky, Executive Vice President of Operations at DFW Airport and Sandy Lancaster, Environmental Program Manager gave a glimpse into what’s to come for DFW Airport with a presentation in front of the Southlake City Council.  It focused on runway maintenance projects and the status of airport operations. That presentation can be viewed here. Click on the infographic for a two page explanation provided by DFW Airport of the runway project planned for 2018. 

Fact Sheet about Runway 17C