Drivers Safety Course

Requesting the Drivers Safety Course Option for Moving Violations

Terms of Drivers Safety Course
  • Plea of 'guilty' or 'no contest' and waiver of jury trial and right to discovery
  • 90 days to complete and submit a certified copy of your driving record an original Driving Safety Course certificate
  • Payment of $107 for regular zone violations or $132 for school zone violations

Eligibility Requirements
  • You are at least 18 years of age
  • You have current liability insurance and a valid Texas drivers license
  • You have not taken a Driving Safety Course within the last 12 months to dispose of a citation (calculated from the date of the last course completed to the date of your current citation)
  • You do not possess a Commercial Drivers License
  • You are not charged with speeding in excess of 24 mph over the limit, speeding 95 miles per hour or more, nor with a construction zone violation

Request and payment must be made in full prior to completing the course. For violations occurring in a regular zone, the payment is $107. Violations occurring in a school zone is $132.

Ways to Request
If you are eligible, you may request to complete the drivers safety course in the following ways:
  1. In person at the Southlake Municipal Court
    Please bring a valid drivers license, proof of auto insurance and form of payment (cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover card).
  2. Mail in a copy of your valid Texas Drivers License, a copy of your auto insurance proof, a notarized Drivers Safety Course Affidavit along with form of payment (Check or money order made payable to 'City of Southlake').