Solicitor's Permit

A Solicitor's Permit is required for peddlers, canvassers, and solicitors--including door-to-door sales and mobile vendors per City Ordinance 850. Door-to-door hangers with no contact require no permit. Complete a  solicitors permit and return in person with a photo ID and other required documents as indicated in the application. Download the Solicitor's Brochure.

Solicitors FAQs


  • What is soliciting and/or canvassing? 
    Solicitors and/or canvassers engage in personal contact with another person for the purpose of selling or soliciting items such as goods, wares, merchandise, magazine subscriptions, or a service. This requires a permit from the City. Some solicitation and canvassing activities have Federal protection through the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution, as well as protections through Texas State law. The City may only regulate certain aspects of these activities, and cannot outright prohibit them. Solicitation and/or canvassing are not permitted activities in the City of Southlake without the appropriate permit. However, there are requirements that solicitors and canvassers must adhere to even after receiving their permit. View the entire ordinance, Chapter 13 of the Southlake City Code.
  • Can a solicitor and/or canvasser ring my doorbell?

    Yes, with the appropriate permit.
  • When is a solicitor and/or canvasser not allowed to ring my doorbell? 

    A person commits an offense if they engage in this activity before 9:00 am and/or whichever is earlier on a given day between after dark or 9:00 pm.
  • What if I do not want a solicitor and/or canvasser to ring my doorbell?

    Conspicuously post a notice that such activity is not welcomed with a sign not less than one inch by three inches in size containing the words "NO SOLICITORS" or words of similar meaning.
  • What activities are not considered soliciting and/or canvassing and do not require a permit?

    • Leaving handbills on doorknobs or under residential or commercial floor-mats
    • Political and religious speech
    • Licensed alarm companies
  • What are some tips for dealing with door-to-door solicitors?

    • If you do not want to engage with the solicitor, say "no thank you" through the door and walk away.
    • If the solicitor does not go away peacefully after you ask, call the police.
    • Report aggressive or threatening solicitors to the police immediately. Dial 9-1-1.
    • Report suspicious solicitors by calling the non-emergency dispatch line at (817) 743-4522.
    • Follow identity theft prevention guidelines by never giving your social security number, credit card information or checks to anyone who solicits you, and you cannot verify they legitimately represent an organization or charity.

Noise Exemption Permit

A Noise Exemption Permit is required for any gathering that will exceed the normal levels allowed per City Ordinance 778. Complete a temporary noise exemption permit application and return to Southlake Police Department either in person or by mail.

Mass Gathering Registration

A mass gathering registration form is required for all gatherings of 300 to 1,000 people. Please note that this registration form is not a permit, and the host must still comply with all Laws and Ordinances of the City of Southlake and the State of Texas. Events with an attendance of over 1,000 people must obtain a Specific Use Permit from Planning and Development Services. 

  1. Police Department

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