Solicitor's Permit

A Solicitor's Permit is required for peddlers, canvassers, and solicitors--including door to door sales and mobile vendors per City Ordinance 850. Door to door hangers with no contact, require no permit. 

To obtain a solicitors permit complete this application and return in person with a photo ID and other required documents as indicated in the application.

Click here to download the Solicitor's Brochure.  

Citizen Information on Solicitors 

Solicitor's Brochure


Noise Exemption Permit

A Noise Exemption Permit is required for any gathering that will exceed the normal levels allowed per City Ordinance 778.

To obtain a temporary noise exemption permit complete this application and return to Southlake Police Department either in person or by mail.

Mass Gathering Registration

A mass gathering registration form is required for all gatherings of 300 to 1,000 people. Events with attendance of over 1,000 people must obtain a Special Use Permit from Planning and Development Services. Please note that this registration form is not a permit and the host must still comply with all Laws and Ordinances of the City of Southlake and the State of Texas.

To notify the Southlake Police and Fire Departments of a mass gathering please complete this registration form and return to the Southlake Police Department either in person or by mail.