Statistical Information

In an effort to maintain transparency, the Police Department makes available a variety of statistics ranging from number of citations to number of calls for service on a yearly basis. These statistics are presented below, along with a brief description of the measures tracked.

Traffic Citations

The Southlake Police Department tracks the number of citations issued by officers each year. Citations are further broken down into demographic groups in order to satisfy Article 2.132 (7) of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, which requires the annual reporting to the local governing body of data collected on the race or ethnicity of individuals stopped and issued citations.

Biased Based Profiling Complaints

The Southlake Police Department takes allegations of bias very seriously and tracks complaints related to officer contact in the field and officer contract during traffic stops.

Year End Crime Statistics

Police Services tracks crime statistics in Southlake and reports back to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) via a Uniform Crime Report (UCR). These statistics represent the year end UCR submitted to the FBI.

Calls for Service

Every year, the Southlake Police Department receives a significant number of calls for service.


The Southlake Police Department tracks the number of arrests made by the City on a yearly basis. 

Internal Affairs Complaints

The Southlake Police Department tracks the number of internal affairs complaints on a yearly basis.

Clearance Rates

The Southlake Police Department tracks the number of cleared cases compared to the total crimes reported.