District Sergeant Program

The Southlake Police Department's District Sergeants Program is available for residents who have questions or concerns that they would like to discuss involving their neighborhood or the district in which they live. 

The purpose of the District Sergeants Program is to allow residents to have a police supervisor who serves as a point of contact in every neighborhood in the City of Southlake. The designated sergeant for each area is also available to speak to residents during Home Owner Association and Neighborhood Watch Group meetings. 

The sergeants will also be happy to provide presentations on safety initiatives or other key topics involving crime prevention in your area. The District Sergeants are here to assist and serve you. 

Each of the four Southlake Police districts are shown on this map and their contact information is in the box on the right. Your calls and concerns will be addressed the following duty day for each Sergeant. If you have an emergency, please contact 911. 

District 1

Sgt. Music standing in front of a flag
Police Sergeant standing next to an American flag

Sgt. Gaylon Music
(817) 223-0739 (cell)
(817) 748-8130 (office)


Sgt. Josh Ellis
(817) 223-0739 (cell)
(817) 748-8367 (office)

District 3

Sgt. Letz standing in front of a flag

Sgt. Dwayne Letz
(817) 223-0739 (cell)
(817) 748-8135 (office)

District 4

Sgt. Melton standing in front of a flag

Sgt. Chris Melton 
(817) 223-0739 (cell)
(817) 748-8950 (office)

Dispatch Contact Information

  1. Non-Emergency Dispatch 
    (817) 743-4522

    Emergency Dispatch