FY2013 Sidewalks

Completed Sidewalk Segments FY 2013
Funding Type
Linear Feet
Complete East side of North Carroll Avenue from Federal north to DPS headquarters
CIP Direct/Indirect
650 $33,278.12
Complete West side of State St. from the US Post Office in Town Square to Federal Way

CIP Direct/Indirect

900 $23,568.70
Complete North side of FM 1709 from Diamond Blvd. to White Chapel Blvd. CIP Direct/Indirect 2,000 $47,252.10 (Sidewalk and Retaining Wall)
Complete Kimball Crossing Developer's Agreement 1,113 $17,353
Complete Shady Oaks Developer's Agreement
405 $9,112
Complete Nolen Office Park Developer's Agreement 125 $2,965
Total 5,193 $133,528

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