Drainage / Floodplain Information

Flooding is one of the most common hazards in the United States and all flood situations are different. Properties near rivers and lakes are not the only areas that should be concerned about flood risks, as even very small streams, gullies, creeks, culverts, dry streambeds, or low-lying ground may flood. The State of Texas is particularly vulnerable to flash flooding as large amounts of rain are deposited in a short amount of time. The City of Southlake is adjacent to Lake Grapevine and has several creeks and streams that run through it, including Bear and Dove Creeks. Some areas in the City are located within the floodplain.

What is a Floodplain

A floodplain is any land area susceptible to being inundated by the collection, pooling, and flowing of water from any source during the course of natural events. Floodplains may be classified as FEMA Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) and are located in a 100-year flood zone. The term “100-year flood zone” refers to a flood elevation that has a 1% chance of being equaled or exceeded each year. To view the Floodplain for the City of Southlake, please visit the City’s Interactive map, and select the Floodplain under Basemaps.

Floodplain Permitting

A special permit is required in order for a development to be built within the floodplain. If this applies to your situation, please fill out the Floodplain Development Application located on the Department’s Forms & Applications page under Engineering and Development. Development within a FEMA regulated floodplain may also require submittal to that agency.


If minor flooding, not associated with a floodplain, is occurring in your home or yard, a localized drainage problem may be present. Usually these issues can be corrected with minor grading. The Public Works Engineering Staff are available to offer suggestions to help alleviate those issues. However, City personnel will not enter private property or make any corrections to lot-to-lot drainage issues or those on private property.

Localized drainage problems impacting numerous properties may require more extensive work in order to correct them. The City of Southlake may use Current Construction Projects page for more information on current Drainage Projects.

If there is a significant drainage issue in your neighborhood, you may make a written request to the Public Works Department. Your written request will be evaluated and considered for a future Drainage Project as part of the City’s on-going Capital Improvements Program (CIP).

Please write to:

City of Southlake
Public Works Department
c/o City Engineer 
1400 Main St., Ste. 320
Southlake, TX 76092