FY 2015

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Welcome to the City's FY 2015 Budget web page. The City maintains this page to help keep people informed about the budget process and provide key dates when the budget it scheduled reviewed by the City Council.

The City Manager files the budget with the City Secretary on August 15th of each year as required by the City Charter. The proposed budget is then reviewed and voted on by the City Council.
Budget Review & Public Hearing Dates
Budget Review and Public Hearing Dates:
FY 2015 Budget Press Release
(This document provides the public and the news media important highlights of the City's proposed budget.)

How to Use This Page
What follows are links to the proposed budget documents and information. This page, like the budget itself, is a work in progress. Links will become active as information becomes available.

Transmittal Letter
(The City Manager's transmittal letter is a high-level overview of the budget document.)

Interactive Budget*
(The interactive budget shows the document in its entirety. Flash is required for viewing and it may take a moment to appear on your screen.)*

Fy 2015 Budget
The City of Southlake budget document is an in-depth look into the City's budget plan for the next fiscal year. If you are interested in a specific section, please click on the links below for a standard pdf copy. The City provides the Southlake Library with a paper copy is available for review and checkout.

Fy 2015 Budget Sections
Table of Contents
Transmittal Letter
Budget 101
City Profile
Strategic Direction
Fund Summaries
General Fund
Strategic Initiative Fund
Economic Development Investment Fund
Utility Fund
Vehicle Replacement Fund
Debt Services
Special Revenue Funds
Capital Improvement Program