Juveniles (16 years and under)

Texas State law requires all juveniles to appear in open Court before a judge for any citation/violation. Defendants who are 10 to 16 years of age are considered by the Court to be Juveniles and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when appearing.

  Request a Court Date

  • Defendant and parent/legal guardian must appear in person at Municipal Court office within 20 business days of citation date to set a court date to appear before the Judge. Parents/legal guardians of defendants under the age of 17 may set a court date on behalf of their child/teen.
  • Juvenile and parent/legal guardian must attend Teen Plea Hearing.
  • Request a Hearing directly from our website.

17 Year Olds

Defendants who are 17 or older at the time of citation may:

  • request the Driving Safety Course Option for a traffic violation in person, by mail, or on the payment website if they meet all qualifications. 
  • request a dismissal on an insurance, registration or other compliance dismissal in person or by mail.
  • pay a fine for a conviction online, in person, or by mail. (Alcohol, Assault, & Tobacco violations require a court appearance.)
  • Request a Hearing directly from this website: to request Teen Court, Deferred Disposition, or other dismissal.

Teen Court

  • A plea of guilty or no contest is required in open court before the Municipal Court Judge.
  • A $20 administrative fee per violation is required. (The balance of fees is waived after completion).
  • Teen works fine and court costs off by completing community service hours and jury service.
  • Teen Court is only an option once a year and while the teen is still in high school/middle school.

Further details are provided on the Metroport Teen Court Website