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    Fire Chief

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  1. Election Information

    City of Southlake General and Special Election Information

    The 2021 General and Special Election will occur on the May 1, 2021 Election Date. Additional Info...
  2. solarpanels 2021

    City Plans to Amend Zoning Ordinance for Solar Systems

    As the efficiency of solar systems improves and become more affordable, the popularity of installing them on residential and commercial structures continues to increase. Additional Info...
  3. Mobility Promo Jan 2021-01

    Keeping Up with Southlake Mobility

    No matter where you are, you can always be up to date. Take a look at our resources and see which one is right for you. Additional Info...
  4. Southlake Cares Jan 13

    Six Months of Caring from Southlake Residents!

    Thank you, Southlake, for giving during our six-month Southlake Cares challenge! Additional Info...
  5. 2020 Top 9 MSN

    Top City of Southlake Social Media Posts of 2020

    Did you know that the City of Southlake has a total of nine social media pages? Additional Info...
  6. Election Calendar 2021

    City of Southlake Election Calendar

    The 2021 General Election will occur on the May 1, 2021 Election Date. Mayor and Place 2 are scheduled for election this year.
  7. Water Utilities Low Pressure Map Jan21-01

    Water Tower Maintenance Scheduled for Florence Tower

    Clean tanks mean clean drinking water and this year is no different. Every year, Southlake Water Utilities cleans and inspects each water storage tank in our drinking water system. Additional Info...
  8. Bus Spotlight - Spruce Home and Closet

    Southlake Business Spotlight – Spruce Home + Closet

    Let Spruce Home help you with home decor items or maybe a wardrobe makeover! Additional Info...
  9. Travel Thursday - 2021 Project List

    Upcoming Mobility Projects 2021

    New year, more projects! The Southlake Mobility Team is working to make getting you from place to place better! Additional Info...
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