Fire Prevention

The Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal is Kelly Clements. He also oversees the Fire Prevention Division.  Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal Clements serves a critical role in the prevention of fires for both commercial and residential areas. Fire prevention involves: 

  • Conducting annual inspections on all businesses
  • Conducting residential and commercial inspections during construction
  • Investigations to determine the cause and origin of fires
  • Providing education for the public
  • Reviewing construction plans

Plan Review

The Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal reviews commercial and residential plans to ensure compliance with the adopted 2015 International Fire Code as it relates to fire safety issues. In addition, the Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal reviews plans to ensure proper placement of hydrants, proper roadway and drive access that will allow emergency equipment to reach the home or business.

After the Fire 

While prevention of fires and accidents remains the priority of the Fire Department, inevitably fires do occur. When that happens, the Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal is responsible for conducting the investigation to determine the cause and origin of the fire.

Current Fire Codes 

2015 International Fire Code Amendments