What the City does.


What the City Does

Mosquito Control

The City monitors and controls the mosquito population on public property. We do this by educating residents on effective drainage, controlling vegetation, and reducing breeding sources. We also control the mosquitoes by applying treatments to standing water and spraying as necessary for adult mosquitoes. 


Mosquitoes are caught and identified using traps that mimic environments that mosquitoes find highly attractive. Through surveillance, we can identify the risk areas and target source reduction. We can also use other measures to control mosquito populations and protect our residents from mosquito-borne illnesses. Read the Southlake Vector Control Plan or View the Tarrant County Public Health Vector Surveillance interactive mapping tool. 

Public Information and Education

We work to educate and inform our community about mosquito control and prevention methods. City staff is available to make presentations for education and prevention. We can also conduct site visits to assist community members in searching for breeding sources around their property.  The Mosquito Reporting Tool alerts the team to issues in the city.

Additional Steps

In addition to these precautions, the City acts to reduce mosquito populations by utilizing EPA-approved pesticides (adulticides). Adulticiding is more commonly known as “spraying.”  Residents should be aware spraying is only one component of an Integrated Vector Management Program. Spraying is only utilized when staff deems it is necessary to control the spread of disease. For more information about spraying, including what types of insecticides are being used, see Spray FAQ's.

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