Get Prepared

Before a Disaster

Being prepared for a disaster or emergency is everyone's responsibility. Knowing what to do in a tornado, fire or other emergency is critical to protecting you and your family. We encourage every resident and business of Southlake to prepare for a disaster before it strikes.

Emergency Preparedness
Emergency preparedness is as simple as following these three steps:
  1. Get a Kit - Make an emergency kit with household items that will make sure that you and your family have what you need in an emergency.
  2. Make a Plan - Make sure your family knows what to do before, during and after a disaster. Practice this plan regularly to keep it fresh in your mind.
  3. Be Informed - Emergency Management and Public Safety officials will be issuing important information that can not only help you protect your property, but save your life.
Pet Preparedness
Don’t forget to prepare your pets for a disaster. The likelihood that you and your animals will survive an emergency such as a fire or flood, tornado or terrorist attack depends largely on emergency planning done today.

Severe Weather Awareness
The most common hazard that residents of Southlake face is the threat of severe weather. Severe weather comes in many forms from ice storms, high winds and rain to extreme heat, hail and even tornadoes. The Office of Emergency Management recognizes the danger of severe weather, and has put together information so that you may be better prepared.

National Preparedness Month
Every September, the Office of Emergency Management participates in National Preparedness Month. During national preparedness month, the city encourages businesses and residents to take an active role in disaster preparedness by getting a kit, making a plan and being informed.