Department Welcome

Welcome to the Southlake Fire Department!  

Our vision for the Southlake Fire Department is to be an organization that is recognized for exceeding the needs of the community and setting the standard of excellence. 

Our mission is to provide a world-class level of public safety services for our community and citizens by protecting lives and property through fire suppression, EMS, disaster management, fire prevention and public education.

Stay connected to the Southlake Fire Department through Chief Mike Starr's Twitter account. Also visit the department's  and My Southlake News to stay up to date on the department community events, emergencies, and volunteer programs. 

Thanks for visiting and let us know if you have any questions.

Department History

The first official Fire Department was established in Southlake in 1966. It was created by an all-volunteer fire department which began organizing in 1965 by creating by-laws and choosing officers. 

The first pumper truck the Department purchased was a 1950 Diamond-T military unit with a 1,000-gallon tank. The truck was purchased from Carswell Air Force Base for $250. The money for the truck was raised by selling Christmas trees. Since the truck was already 15 years old it wasn't all that reliable and there was no fire station, so the truck had to be parked outside. It was parked at a Southlake Police Officer's home because he lived on a hill. On days when the engine was hard to start, they simply released the clutch and rolled it down the hill to get it to start. The siren also tended to drain the battery, so when they went on a call they kept the engine running so they would have a ride home.

Old Engine In 1972, a junior fire department made up of 16-18 year old boys from Carroll High School was organized to assist the volunteer fire department. 

In 1991, the city combined both Fire and Police Services under one department known as the Departments of Public Safety. 

In 2002, the West facility located on Southlake Blvd was opened. 

In 2010, the Departments of Public Safety Headquarters was dedicated. The state-of-the-art building on Carroll Ave. is home to the Administrative Offices for the Fire Department, as well as the Police Department and Municipal Courts. 

In 2013, the station on East Dove Road was constructed. The building also serves as a training facility with multiple classrooms and a theater style auditorium. The construction of this station enables quicker access to the northern parts of Southlake and was a main factor in upgrading our ISO rating.