Emergency Medical Services

Our mission is to protect and preserve human life in the event of a trauma-related incident or serious medical condition. Fire personnel responds to all emergency medical incidents to; assess, treat, stabilize, and transport patients until definitive medical care is available at an appropriate facility. Each EMS unit is staffed by certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)-Paramedics, who are trained and monitored by the departments Medical Director, Dr. Roger R. Leaton, D.O. 

The departments Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICU’s) are strategically located throughout the city to ensure prompt response to those in need of emergency medical care. These ambulances are supplied with state-of-the-art equipment, and coupled with our highly trained personnel, are an emergency department on wheels – capable of handling a variety of life-saving procedures. 

Initial training for EMT-Paramedics meets or exceeds Texas Department of State Health Services standards, and covers areas such as advanced cardiac life support, basic/advanced pediatric care, and pre-hospital trauma life support. Building on this initial 1,400 hours of training, EMT-Paramedics also receive 40 hours of continuing education each year. 

EMS/Training Battalion Chief Responsibilities

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and the department's fire training are coordinated by EMS/Training Battalion Chief Jeremy Blackwell. The EMS/Training Battalion Chief provides training and education and ensures up-to-date medical protocols and fire training. He also supports fire suppression, fire prevention, hazardous materials, emergency medical and other emergency services, and provides supervisory emergency ambulance and fire response services.

Privacy Policy (HIPAA)

Your privacy is of utmost importance to our department and we are governed under the Health Insurance Portablility and Accountability Act of 1996.   If you would like to obtain information on our HIPAA  policy please visit click on the following link. HIPAA Privacy Policy

EMS Billing and Compliance

The fees associated with emergency medical services are coordinated through Emergicon, LLC.  If you have concerns regarding a medical bill please contact Emergicon.  Complaints may be directed to the designated Compliance Officer, EMS Battalion Chief Jeremy Blackwell.   
Ambulance Billing 
Emergicon, LLC
P.O, Box 640191
Dallas, Texas 75261

Medical Records Request

Requests for medical or billing records can be made through Emergicon at the following location. 
Ambulance Records
Emergicon, LLC
1717 McKinney Avenue, #700
Dallas, Texas 75201

Awards and Recognition

The department has achieved the 2017 Mission: Lifeline EMS Gold Plus level recognition award presented by the American Heart Association. This is the highest level of recognition related to pre-hospital cardiovascular care available to EMS providers nationwide. The department received this recognition following the submission of specific patient care data that proves we met or exceeded certain criteria. These include how quickly our Firefighter/Paramedics identify and begin treatment for those patients experiencing a heart attack. Additional criteria include how quickly fire personnel obtain, interpret, and submit EKG’s to the receiving hospital. All of these efforts combined decreases the time it takes to stabilize heart attack patients which ultimately saves cardiac muscle and leads to an increase in survival.  

The department received Gold level recognition in 2016, but based on our personnel’s continued determination to provide the BEST patient care possible, the AHA advanced our status for 2017.