Expanding Mobility

FM 1938, North White Chapel, Brumlow, all are roads that are currently under construction or will soon be improved.  

Identified as the most important issue for Southlake citizens in the 2013 and 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Surveys, better mobility is a top priority. This webpage is designed to show how City plans, fiscal resources and human resources work together to expand the City's road capacity.

FM 1938 Construction


Mobility Master Plan

The Mobility Master Plan, part of the Southlake 2030 plan, serves as a guide for City leaders to follow relating to the City's transportation and mobility.  It identifies policies, programs and projects for development and guides funding decisions.

Capital Improvement Program

The City's Capital Improvement Program brings the Southlake 2030 plan long-range plans to life. In the City of Southlake, those plans balance identified needs within Southlake 2030 with the City's financial resources. The City's CIP program, a five year plan, is implemented each year as part of the capital budget.

Office of Traffic Management (OTM)

The OTM is a team of City staff members focused on making our streets, sidewalks and pathways easier to navigate so you get to where you are going safely and in the fastest time possible. You will see us in your neighborhoods, where you shop, where you play, where you work and where you live. It’s part of our commitment to improve travel in Southlake.