Compliance Dismissals

How to Process Compliance Dismissals
There are some violations that are entitled to compliance dismissals. In order to request a dismissal, you must appear in person (or by mail) within 20 business days from the date you were cited. You will be required to provide documentation to the court in order for the request to be processed. Some violations require dismissal fees, please see below for specifics. If you do not see your violation below, please contact the court at (817) 748-8188 for more information.

Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility - fine is $357
If you were cited for not having insurance and you did have a valid insurance policy that was active on the day/time you were cited, the citation can be dismissed with no fee. Please provide the court with your insurance policy. Please note: all insurance policies will be called to verify they were active on the date/time of the citation.

Expired Vehicle Registration - fine is $166
In order to be granted a dismissal for this violation, you must renew your expired tags and pay the late penalty fee to the Tax Assessor Collector. Please provide the municipal court an itemized copy of your Tax Assessor Collector receipt showing the penalty fee being paid. This violation may be dismissed with a $20 dismissal fee.

Expired Operator's License - fine is $210
Renew your driver's license and provide proof of renewal to the Municipal Court. This citation may be dismissed for a $20 dismissal fee.