Vacation House Watch Program

The Southlake Police Department is pleased to provide its residents with the Vacation House Watch program. This program is available to residents who plan to be out of town for an extended period of time. Homeowners can request a vacation house watch and a police officer will check the residence (at least once per shift) to ensure the premises are secure. 


How do I request a Vacation House Watch?

Please fill out our online Vacation House Watch form to request a house watch. You will be asked to sign in and create an account with a password. Please keep your password in a secure place and note that the Southlake Police Department does not have access to your password if you forget or misplace it.  In the event you are unable to access your online vacation house watch account, please contact the dispatch center at (817) 743-4524 and ask to speak with a shift supervisor. 

What do I do when I return?

 Please contact dispatch at (817) 743-4524 us to let us know you're home.

Can I change my dates if I decide to return early or extend my vacation?

Yes, no problem!  

Please contact Dispatch at 817-743-4524 with your change information, and ask to speak to the on-duty supervisor. Please include your name, house address and change information and we will inform our officers of the update.