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EnerGov Customer Self Service

EnerGov Customer Self Service (CSS) is the city's website for permitting and scheduling inspections. This multi-faceted site includes various features such as:

  • Applying for all building permits (including uploading plans)
  • Paying fees
  • Scheduling building inspections
  • Checking inspection results
All new users must register for an account. A log-in is required to apply for a permit or schedule an inspection. Once logged in, all permits tied to the account will be available to view.

"How To" Guidelines for EnerGov/CSS

Below are "How to" guides to better assist you with navigating the EnerGov portal. If you have any questions about the portal or experience any problems please contact (817) 748-8236 or (817) 748-8237. 

Building Inspections Protocols

General Information - All Building Inspections

Please read the following information to help us continue to safely serve the Southlake community:

  • The City will offer to the homeowner or contractor the option to provide photo documentation in lieu of on-site residential inspections of water heaters, roofs, windows and certain mechanical equipment (see below for more details). If photos are uploaded, then no in-person/on-site inspection will take place.
  • Schedule each inspection scheduled through the EnerGov Customer Self Service (CSS). It must contain a valid phone number for either the homeowner or contractor.
  • During on-site inspections, all homeowners, contractors, and subcontractors are asked to follow all social distancing guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by locating to a different area of the inspection site or by leaving the immediate vicinity of the inspector. Inspections in progress may be canceled immediately by the inspector if any individual on-site refuses to follow any CDC social distancing guidelines or other identified safety protocols.

Residential Inspections

The following residential inspections can occur via photo documentation (in PDF format only) from the contractor, installer or permit holder.  Please also include a photo of the house address.

Building Inspection email contacts:

Ernie Aguilar

Charles Wright

John Roblez

Please call (817) 748-8236 or (817) 748-8237 if you have any questions.

Water Heater

  • Overall photo of water heater/location clearances
  • Vent tie-in to hood at top of water heater
  • Vent at roof for clearance
  • Gas line connection with sediment trap
  • Photo of electric connection (electric water heaters)
  • Verify breaker size (electric water heaters)


  • Overall, outside of roof from ground level all elevations
  • Vent terminations from outside.
  • Type b vents from inside of attic at appliances
  • Type b vent clearances at roof in attic

HVAC Replacements

  • Overall photo of units inside and outside for location and clearance requirements.
  • Photo of equipment name plate for breaker sizing.
  • Photo of breakers at electric panel or disconnect.
  • Photo of Freon lines at units.
  • Photo of electric connection.

Window Replacement

  • Overall photo of each elevation that have windows that were replaced.
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