Annual Development Report

Fiscal Year 2022 Annual Development Report

The FY 2022 Annual Development Activity Report represents the City's update on development-related activity within Southlake. The intent of the report is to compliment the City's budget, with updated charts and tables reflecting all four quarters of the City's fiscal year (October 1, 2021 - September 30, 2022). 
 The report features seven main sections, which include:
 (1) Southlake Snapshot
 (2) Economic Overview
 (3) Understanding Development
 (4) New Residential Development
 (5) New Commercial Development
 (6) Valuation
 (7) Revenue
 Data within the Annual Report is gathered and assembled throughout the year by multiple departments and divisions within the City.

FY 2022 Annual Development Report PDF

Use the graphic links below to view information from either the FY 2018, FY 2019, FY 2020 or FY 2021 annual development reports.

Quarterly Updates to the Annual Report

At the end of each quarter, the Planning and Development Services Department will publish an update to the Annual Development Report. These updates will focus primarily on permitting activity within the City. Listed below is a link to the quarterly updates which will be posted as they become available. In addition, to view a monthly snapshot of permitting activity in the City, please visit the Building Inspections Reports page.

FY 2023 1st Quarter Development Update

FY 2023 2nd Quarter Development Update

FY 2023 3rd Quarter Development Update

FY 2023 4th Quarter Development Update