Broker / Developer Services

Southlake Brokers / Developers: If you are a broker, developer, or leasing agent representing property in Southlake, please contact the Economic Development staff and provide us with your contact information and description of properties represented. We will add you to our Broker-Net list so that you will receive prospect requests generated from our resources, as well as outside requests from tenant-rep brokers.

Tenant-Rep Brokers / Developers: If you are a tenant-rep broker, we can make your life easy if you are trying to research the available land or leases in Southlake suitable for your client. Please contact the Economic Development staff who will ask you for basic information such as the following to better represent your requests:

  • Type of request: Land, building purchase, lease space, etc.

  • Proposed type of use: Office, industrial, retail, medical, etc.

  • Preference to purchase, lease, design build, etc.

  • Square feet needed, land and/or building

  • Any peculiar zoning necessities

  • Timing issues, how soon can you purchase/rent?

  • Parking requirements, outside storage, liquor sales, etc?
Upon defining your request, you have two Broker-Net distribution options.
  1. Direct Response to You: Our preferred method of distribution is to send your request to the Broker-Net list serve and ask them to respond directly to you with potential sites or leases.

  2. Confidential Response: Should you desire to remain anonymous, we can ask the Broker-Net members to respond to the ED Staff, who will then forward you the solicited information.
Prospects (people wanting land, buildings or leases in Southlake): First, we recommend you utilize the services of a qualified tenant-rep broker. We do not provide recommendations. You will need to contact several and determine who matches your needs. Should you desire to pursue your options w/o a broker, we are glad to help. We can help identify sites / buildings / leases that might meet your needs and give you information sufficient to contact the representing broker. We are also glad to utilize our Southlake Broker-Net system to send out your request and have them respond directly to you.