Home Security Inspection

No home is absolutely burglar-proof, however the Southlake Police Department would like to offer a personal home security inspection to our residents free of charge. During our visit with you, we would look to identify any potential weak points and offer options to help enhance your personal protection and safety. 

Our goal is to provide you with the education needed to make an informed decision, however we recognize any suggestions may not be possible because of cost or personal preference. 

A home inspection will take about 15-20 minutes and may be scheduled at your convenience. Please contact us today to schedule your personal home security inspection at your convenience. 

How often should I conduct a home security check?
  • It is important to take a detailed look at your home every 3-4 months.
Do you have a guide to follow?
  • Yes! Feel free to utilize this checklist while reviewing your home doors, windows and landscaping.

Additional Crime Prevention Tips

Have you ever thought about the personal information you have in your vehicle? Think about the times your vehicle is unattended for a period of time - when you are out shopping or eating; on vacation and your vehicle is in a parking lot at the airport, or while you attend a concert or sporting event. 

Please use these tips and share with friends and family.
  • Remove, redact or white out your home address on insurance cards and vehicle service invoices.
  • Program your GPS 'home' as a store near by, not your actual home address.
  • Give the valet your vehicle key only, not your ring of keys that includes your house keys.
  • Use the panic button on your car keys if you feel an intruder is in your home or you need help in a parking lot.

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Check List and Tips

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