Citizen on Patrol (COP) Program

The Citizen on Patrol (COP) Program mission is to assist and serve the Southlake Police Department by providing additional patrol resources that promote the safety and security of the citizens and visitors to the community.

What tasks does a COP member conduct?

COP members are invited to share their time and expertise in any of the following areas:

  • Driving Patrols - general patrol around the City looking for suspicious activity. Patrols include house checks, business checks, and school and park checks.
  • Motorist / Citizen Assist: Assist a stranded motorist or citizen with a battery jump, set up towing needs or contacting dispatch.
  • Traffic Direction: Assist patrol officer(s) by directing traffic at the scene of an accident, power outage or special event.
  • Walking Patrols: Similar to a driving patrol, a walking patrol is conducted in a specific shopping area (i.e. Southlake Town Square) to look for suspicious activity, assist citizens, conduct business checks, and distribute flyers of upcoming events or information on behalf of the Police Department.

Is there training new COP members need to complete?

Yes! New members are required to complete the following training:

  • A one (1) day orientation that includes an overview of the program process and procedures, radio training and vehicle driver training.
  • A minimum of three (3) ride outs with current COP members.
Ongoing safety and refresher training's are offered in a variety of topics as needed.  We recognize participation may not always be possible, but attending as many training's offered as possible will help keep members up to date with equipment, skills and procedures.

How often do I have to volunteer to remain active in the COP program?

We ask COP members to complete a minimum of one 4-hour patrol per month. A COP patrol rotation schedule is completed one month at a time and there are no limits to the day of week or time of day COP members patrol.

COP Members in Action!
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