Volunteers in Police Services (VIPS)

In 2002, President George W. Bush created USA Freedom Corps to build on the countless acts of service, sacrifice, and generosity that followed September 11. When he announced USAFC in his State of the Union address, he called on all Americans to serve a cause greater than themselves. The Volunteers in Policing program was born out of that initiatives.

What is the Southlake VIPS program?

After September 11, the Southlake Police Department added a VIPS component to its volunteer opportunities. Nationally recognized, VIPS is designed for citizens who wish to volunteer their time and training to provide support and added resources to their local law enforcement agency.

What tasks does a VIPS member conduct?

VIPS members are invited to share their time and expertise in any of the following areas:

  • Administrative / General Office Support - answering the phones, filing, shredding etc.
  • Utilize Specialized Skills - Utilizing specialty skills to assist in day to day operations (i.e. spreadsheets, photoshop)
  • Assist with Special Events - Setting up or hands on assistance during events (i.e. Crud Cruiser, National Night Out)
  • Warrant Round Up with Municipal Court - Assisting Municipal Court with research and phone calls to individuals with outstanding municipal court warrants.
  • Walking Patrols: Similar to a driving patrol, a walking patrol is conducted in a specific shopping area (i.e. Southlake Town Square) to look for suspicious activity, assist citizens, conduct business checks, and distribute flyers of upcoming events or information on behalf of the Police Department.

Is there training new COP members need to complete?

Yes! New members are required to complete the following training:

  • A two-hour orientation is required for access into a Police or Fire station.
  • Additional training and direction is received as a task is assigned.

Ongoing safety and refresher training's are offered in a variety of topics as needed.

We recognize participation may not always be possible, but attending as many training's offered as possible will help keep members up to date with equipment, skills and procedures.

VIPS Members in Action!