Hide Lock Take Program

Citizens need to be aware of their surroundings and be diligent about preventing crime at all times. A few minutes is all the time a thief needs to steal your cash, credit cards, and valuables, and then victimize you later by making fraudulent charges to those credit cards.

Vehicle Burglary Fast Facts

These statistics are staggering and serve as a good reminder to follow the HIDE, LOCK, TAKE program.
  • A vehicle is burglarized every 2.5 minutes (in Texas)
  • A vehicle is stolen every 5 minutes (in Texas)
  • A thief can burglarize a vehicle and steal valuables in less than 5 minutes

Who & Where

Who are the potential targets? Where are the potential targets?
Drivers who leave their cars running
and unattended.
Day Cares and Schools
(at drop off and pick up)
Drivers who leave purses, cell phones,
and other valuables in sight.
Shopping and Dining Businesses;
Fitness Centers

Holiday Initiative with the Grinch

Holiday HLT Flyer