Therapeutic Recreation

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Therapeutic Recreation (T.R.) provides recreation and leisure opportunities to persons with physical/mental disabilities. Our T.R. service philosophy is to encourage people of all abilities to engage in a more active lifestyle through community recreation. Our goal is to provide positive recreation and leisure experiences through adapted, inclusive and community integration programs.

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all individuals in therapeutic recreation programs, participants or their parents, must complete an assessment form that provides our staff with details necessary for participation. Each participant must be restroom-trained, is expected to display appropriate behavior such as having the ability to listen and follow instructions, and interact with others in a socially acceptable manner and is expected not to leave or run away from the group without permission.

Club Metro: Ages 13 and up

An awesome opportunity for socialization and fun out on the town! We meet weekly to provide our participants  their own night on the town with their friends! Creative, athletic and social activities take place each meeting. Evening activities may include movies, bowling, dining, tours, rock climbing, parks, etc. Transportation arrangements will be made to accommodate all participants as we venture out into the Metroplex for various activities. Weekly times and destinations are subject to change. Parents will receive an itinerary at the beginning of each session.

Club membership covers expenses for onsite activities at the Senior Activity Center. Individual participants are responsible for additional monies at various community sites and attractions. Transportation is provided.