Citizen Satisfaction Survey

2015 survey family

About the Citizen Satisfaction Survey

Southlake strives to be the best in service delivery, and in order to monitor its progress in meeting residents’ needs, the City engages in a biennial citizen survey. The City conducted its 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey from October 12, 2015 to November 6, 2015.

The survey results and analyses will provide City Council and City staff with information that can be used to make sound, strategic decisions in a variety of areas, including service improvements and enhancements, measuring and tracking internal performance, budgeting, policy, and planning.

The survey results and statistical data were compiled and provided by the City’s longtime survey partner Decision Analyst.  The survey was conducted using the convenience sample process. This sampling method, which is commonly used in these types of surveys, was used for the 2015 Southlake Citizen Satisfaction survey so the City could allocate its budget dollars toward research and so any Southlake resident could participate.