Streets and Drainage

About Us:

The Public Works Streets and Drainage Division covers a wide variety of responsibilities within Southlake's public streets and public drainage infrastructure. These responsibilities include performing tasks such as: repairing curbs and ADA wheelchair ramps, crack sealing and repaving roadways, repairing flumes and concrete drainage pathways, constructing sidewalks, and much more (see images below). 

Here are some examples of the infrastructure this division maintains:

  • 209 miles of streets
  • 36 miles of drainage ditches
  • Street curbs and gutters
  • Street medians
  • Sidewalks

The Streets and Drainage Division also plays a vital role in disaster preparedness for the City. The Division is responsible for salting major City roads when they are iced over, as well as clearing limbs and other debris from roadways after major storms. This type of emergency work often requires employees to work night and weekend shifts, in order to ensure roadways are kept operable for First Responders, residents and and visitors.

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