Trash & Recycling

Republic Services is the City's trash and recycling provider until September 30, 2023. Please review the links in the bronze menu for more information about Republic.

Community Waste Disposal

During the August 1, 2023, City Council meeting, the City Council approved a new Community Waste Disposal (CWD) contract for our waste management services. The new CWD contract will take effect on October 1, 2023, spanning a five-year term.

Recycling Carts

On Monday, September 25th, CWD began dropping off your new recycling carts in preparation for the upcoming trash and recycling transition. Here is what to expect from the process and some helpful information moving forward!

  • Place your Republic recycling cart(s) out to be picked up on your normal recycling day the week of September 25th. Please leave your cart on the curb until it has been removed.
  • CWD will drop off your new recycling cart the week of September 25th. Once you receive your new CWD cart, this can be brought to the home and should be used moving forward, the week of October 2nd.
  • If your cart has not been swapped out by October 2nd, please contact CWD Customer Service at 972.392.9300/Option 2

Collection Days

Please refer to the maps below to find what your trash and recycling days are according to your location. The areas highlighted in yellow indicate areas where days WILL be changing with the transition to CWD. If you are outside the yellow areas, your days will remain the same as they were with Republic.

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Click below for more information on what's new and what's staying the same:

  1. Residential Services

Residential Waste Management Services

Here is an overview of the services that CWD will bring to Southlake: 

  • Twice-a-week manual trash collection,
  • Once-a-week recycling collection with automated side-loader carts,
  • Twice-a-week bulk collection (up to two cubic yards per collection) and
  • Unbundled brush collection (up to 12 cubic yards per year)

The contract also includes a host of new add-ons:

  • Curbside household hazardous waste and used electronics recycling
  • Unlimited tied and bundled brush collection
  • Free monthly drop-offs at CWD's transfer station (up to six cubic yards per month)
  • Cart cleaning service and discounted roll-off rates
  • Monthly litter crews to pick up and dispose of litter throughout the City
  • Increased contract performance and accountability measures
  1. Commercial Services
  1. Rate Changes
  1. Bulk, Brush & Hazardous Waste disposal 

Contact Us

CWD  - Customer Service

Phone: 972-392-9300

Southlake Water Utilities (SWU) - Billing Questions 

Phone: 817-748-8051

Alert Southlake 

Alert Southlake is our emergency messaging system used to send messages to residents and businesses in the City including trash and recycling updates. If you would like to sign up, please visit the member portal