Southlake Comprehensive Planning

The comprehensive plan reflects the community’s values and serves as a blueprint for Southlake’s future.  Currently, the plan is made of twelve key components and together these components establish a framework to coordinate the city’s activities and to guide the city’s decision-making for the next 20+ years.  While some elements are subject to a regular review and update cycle as they address growth and changing conditions, other components are less impacted by development and are only updated on an as needed basis. 

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Southlake 2035 Vision, Goals & Objectives

Updates to comprehensive plan components are guided by the city’s adopted Vision, Goals, & Objectives.  The Vision, Goals & Objectives define the values of the community and set the framework and the tone for each of the plan elements.  The currently adopted Vision, Goals, & Objectives, the Southlake 2035 Vision, Goals, & Objectives, were developed and updated from the Southlake 2030 Vision, Goals, & Objectives to reflect changes in the community and to address new comprehensive plan elements.

City Council adopted Ordinance No. 1173, the Southlake 2035 Vision, Goals & Objectives on June 20, 2017. 

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