Fire Department Administrative Staff

The Southlake Fire Department’s administrative staff works to manage and coordinate the many complex administrative services of the department including; planning, organizing and directing the fire department’s budget and fiscal policy, payroll, conducting analytical studies; developing, establishing and implementing policies and procedures, recruitment, training, public education and building plans and review.  

To reach the City’s dispatch center non-emergency phone number please call:(817) 743-4522.

Image is of Chief Mike Starr

Michael Starr
Fire Chief
Phone: 817-748-8168

Image is of EMS Battalion Chief Jeremy Blackwell

Jeremy Blackwell
Battalion Chief
Phone: 817-748-8328

Image is of Fire Prevention Officer Renni Burt

Renni Burt
Fire Prevention Officer
Phone: 817-748-8349

Image is of Deputy Chief of Operations Kurt Hall

Kurt Hall
Deputy Fire Chief (Operations)
Phone: 817-748-8146

Image is of Fire Inspector Angie Lopez

Angie Lopez
Fire Inspector
Phone: 817-748-8909

Image is of Accreditation Manager Roland Degraauw

Roland DeGrauuw
Accreditation Manager
Phone: 817-748-8388

Image is of Deputy Chief of Prevention Kelly Clements

Kelly Clements
Deputy Fire Chief
(Fire Marshal)
Phone: 817-748-8233

Image is of Fire Inspector Stewart Clark

Stewart Clark
Fire Inspector
Phone: 817-748-8671

Image is of Fire Administrative Secretary Lorna Boudreaux

Lorna Boudreaux
Administrative Secretary
Phone: 817-748-8106