Sports Camps

Mini Huddle

Ages 4-5

This program will introduce children to the game of football by teaching the basic fundamentals of the sport. Participants will learn how to pass, receive, defend, rush
and other fun and exciting football skills in a well supervised environment. Teamwork, sportsmanship, and overall fun will be emphasized over direct competition.

Mini Dribblers

Ages 4-5

This program will introduce children to the game of basketball by teaching the basic fundamentals of the sport. Participants will learn how to dribble, shoot, pass, and other fun and exciting basketball skills in a well supervised environment. Teamwork, sportsmanship, and overall fun will be emphasized.

CheerTots - Blue Birds

Ages 2-3

We use a variety of fun game to develop balance movement and motor skills as well as listening to instructions. We introduce basic cheerleading skills and learn fun songs and chants. Learn more about Blue Birds. 

CheerTots - Robins

Ages 4-5

The basics of team cheerleading are introduced. A variety of fun games are learned to introduce jumps, cheers and motion techniques. Learn more about Robins.

SoccerTots - Teddies Soccer 

Ages 2-3

This class develops more advanced motor skills using engaging, fun games. The goal is to improve the child's fitness, soccer skills and athleticism. Learn more about Teddies Soccer. 

SoccerTots - Cubs Soccer

Ages 4-5

The goal of this class is to develop kicking, running control and dribbling. It also teaches listening and following directions. Learn more about Cubs Soccer. 

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TGA Premier Jr. Golf 

Ages 6 - 12

TGA makes golf easily accessible by bringing our unique curriculum to the schools and community. We hope to instill confidence, build life values and offer a fun educational experience. All equipment is provided, but students may bring their own clubs.

Flag Football Tech

Ages 7 - 11

Flag Football TECH is a combination of a quarterback skills clinic and a traditional flag football program. During this program, players learn drills and exercises including; passing, receiving and defensive coverage. Players also learn plays, routes and become familiar with football formations and basics. We will allow time at each program for a scrimmage.

Basketball Tech

Ages 7 - 11

Basketball TECH is a super-fun clinic designed for players of all skills and abilities. Program time will focus on dribbling, passing, shooting, and rebounding. This is a skill-based program which utilizes games to reinforce skills being taught. We will allow time at each program for a scrimmage.

Volleyball Skills Academy

Ages 5-16

This all-skills volleyball class with ignite and excite students about the fun competition of volleyball. Players develop fundamental skills including serving, passing, setting and hitting. Skills based drills, as well as 3v3 and 6v6 competition drills, will be used to apply these skills at a fun pace. Players have the opportunity to encompass all these skills into game situations during a
scrimmage style game at the end of the session.