Wired For Water

The city will partner with Badger Meter to upgrade more than 10,000 meters in Southlake this summer.

Installations began mid-May and will continue through late summer of 2016.  You will see City Crews working to ensure all water meters in the city are equipped with cellular endpoints. 
Water Meter graphic
The endpoints are designed to keep you informed about your water use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

About the Software

About 30 days after the new communication device is installed, you will receive notice from Southlake Water Utilities informing you how to register.  Instructions will be available in the software to assist you with setting your personal alerts, but feel free to contact Customer Service.  We are happy to help you get started.

Eye on Water offers customers  the ability to keep an “Eye on their Water,” thereby aiding in conservation and cost reduction.

Smart Phone App (iPhone Version)

EyeOnWater app graphic
The software, "Eye on Water," is a new technology produced by Badger, the Southlake Water Utilities' chosen meter distributor.  You can even use your smart phone. Download the EyeOnWater app! Available on iTunes and GooglePlay.

What's in it for me?

  • Control of water use translating into lower cost
  • Assurance that the meter is recording accurately
  • Detection of leaks in your household systems
  • Verification that your irrigation system is operating as you intend

Here's how to control your water costs

  • Your utility bill shows your reading dates. Your meter will be read consistently around the same time each month.
  • Keep in mind that if it is close to your reading date, you may be able to adjust your water use to prevent reaching that next tier and a higher cost. 
  • Water rates are tiered to encourage water conservation.  As consumption increases so does the  cost  per  1,000 gallons.  For example, for a residential 1” meter, the 2nd  tier reflects consumption of 2001 to 10,000 gallons at a rate of $5.08 per 1000 gallons.  Water use over 10,000 gallons is charged at a higher rate.
  • Monitor your water consumption with your Eye on Water app.  You can follow your consumption hourly.
  • By monitoring your consumption throughout the month, you will be able to identify the times during which you consume the most water. 
  • Seeing the graphic depiction of your water consumption will enable you to minimize water use during those times; i.e., shorten your irrigation time by a several minutes, only wash full loads of dishes or clothing, set your pool fill time during the cooler part of the day.  
  • Need water saving ideas?  Check out these from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.