Being Water Smart, Southlake

What does it mean to be Water Smart in Southlake? It means only using what you need by being fully aware of just how much water you use, as well as discovering ways to use it more efficiently on a daily basis. Here are some ways that you can use water as efficiently as possible in your own home.

Track Your Daily Water Use Online

Southlake Water Utilities now offers our customers an online water use tool called Eye on Water to see when and how much water you are using and pinpoint areas where you can be Water Smart. You can also download the app for your phone on Google Play and iTunes.


Set Up Water Use Alerts

The Eye on Water program has alert features that will let you choose the number of gallons you want to use on a given basis. If your household goes over the threshold you set, the program will send you an alert, giving you the opportunity to make adjustments to your use.

Detect Leaks Before They Become a Problem

Make sure you check both inside and outside your home for different types of leaks, and use some of our handy tools for determining problem areas. You can also choose to get alerts if your Eye on Water account detects a possible leak in your household.

Learn How to Use Your Water More Efficiently

Smart irrigation controllers, faucet aerators, new shower heads, and more! With many new features and technological advances available today, there are more ways than ever to be Water Smart, indoors and out.