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Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Southlake Water Utilities adheres to the highest state and federal drinking water standards. We routinely collect samples and run tests required by the EPA, and those test results are reflected in our Annual Drinking Water Quality Report each year. Take a look at the latest 2021 Annual Water Quality Report to see how we measured up this year.

February 21, 2021 Water Quality Report

The City of Southlake provided six samples to the Fort Worth Water Centralized Water and Wastewater Laboratory, exceeding the TCEQ minimum of two. The results report shows on pages 3 and 4, the absence of Coliform and Total Coliform for all six samples submitted. Page 5 of the report, shows the results of a quality control test conducted by the lab to ensure that laboratory parameters were reading results properly. The item that indicates "presence" on that page, was not a result of tests conducted on Southlake samples, but rather an internal control test conducted to ensure that the laboratory was calibrated properly to be able to detect the presence of coliform.

Read the full Water Quality Report from February 21, 2021.

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Taste, Odor, or Appearance Concerns

Does something not seem right with the quality of your drinking water? Notice any funny smells or tastes? Find out what you can do about this.

Water Quality Testing

The City samples your drinking water daily to monitor any and all changes in our water supply. To find out more information on this, click here.

Backflow Prevention

The backflow of your drinking water can occur due to changes in pressure. Backflowing water can lead to a serious cross-contamination of drinking water. Learn more about preventing backflow.

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