Water Quality Testing

Our Regulations
Southlake's drinking water is closely regulated by both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Texas Commisson on En). Our water utilities personnel continuously monitor quality and safety, ensuring Southlake's drinking water more than meets the strict Federal and state drinking water standards.

To learn more about these testing results, check out our Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports page to see just how well the City complies with state and federal requirements.

If you'd like to learn a little more about some of the standards and regulations Southlake follows each year in regards to drinking water quality, click here.

What We Test For:
Coliform Bacteria
Inorganic Compounds & Radionuclides
Byproducts of our disinfection process
Lead and Copper

For more information about these water quality constituents click here
  1. Kyle Flanagan

    Supervisor - Water

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