Southlake Water Facts

Southlake Water Utilities monitors readings for over 11,000 meters, maintains 293 miles of distribution pipes, multiple storage tanks and over 2,300 fire hydrants.
What does all that cost? 
• $165,401,990 Historical Value of Assets 2015 
• $15,726,550 Annual Capital Improvements 2016
Water Utility Chart FY 2016
Raw water purchased from the City of Fort Worth makes up about 34% of the total annual budget for 2016.
Operations including sewer maintenance costs, postage, printing, supplies, non-capital equipment, refuse cost, etc., account for 26% of the budget.
Depreciation of existing assets comprises about 19% of the budget.
Debt Interest is 6% of the historical value of the assets for which the debt was incurred.
Did you know?
Customers on the Southlake Water Utilities system consume more than 2.8 billion gallons of water annually.
With the size of the distribution system in the City, Southlake Water Utilities relies on customers to assist us in the efficient use of this precious natural resource. Learn about watering efficiency.