Water & Sewer Rates

There are a number of factors that determine the rates we charge for water and sewer consumption.  Some of those factors include maintenance and operations costs of infrastructure and the cost of purchasing water. The residential sewer rate is averaged based on the water consumption in the months of November, December, and January. Draining or filling of your pool during this time could have an adverse effect on your sewer average calculations.  

In instituting tiered rates, Southlake joined other communities across the country in recognizing and addressing future water needs. Tiered water rates provide incentives for using water efficiently and discourage non-essential water usage.

  Water, Sewer & Refuse Rates (Effective October 01, 2023)

Above is a sample bill for a residential account with a 1"-meter averaging consumption of 26,640 gallons per month starting October 1,2023.
Service How Calculated Amount
Water Per rate schedule
Sewer Per rate schedule
Garbage + Tax $19.18+ $1.58 per month
Storm Water $ 8.00 per month