Southlake Kids Interested in Leadership (SKIL)

About SKIL

Southlake Kids Interested in Leadership (S.K.I.L.) is a program created in partnership between the City, the Carroll Independent School District, and the Southlake Chamber of Commerce.  The SKIL Program seeks to facilitate opportunities for advanced engagement by the city’s youth whereby they become more than informants and contributors but are valued as collaborators and decision-makers.

This leadership program is a student and adult alliance for better government and a better Southlake.  Students will participate in a meaningful way to make the Southlake community better.  By training future leaders, we will foster an interest in good government and open ourselves up to a new generation of ideas.

How to participate as a student

The SKIL leadership program selects 20 high school junior students from Carroll Senior High School at the beginning of each academic year. Each student that is interested in participating will need to apply during the application period (late August - early September) and submit their application at the senior high school.  A selection process will commence, administered by Carroll Senior High School, and the students will then be selected and begin their leadership journey.

2021/2022 Update

Students looking to apply for the program can do so beginning on September 16, 2021 to October 1, 2021. An announcement will be made at Carroll Senior High School for those students that are interested. School Principal Ryan Wilson will serve as the primary point of contact at Carroll Senior High for any student with questions. Applications are available in the main office at Carroll Senior High School.

How to participate as a contributor

As mentioned earlier on this page, this is a partnership between three Southlake organizations that impact the lives of all residents of this community. Businesses and residents can contribute in a variety of ways to make the experience of these students better. If you would like to contribute to this program please contact the City staff liaison Daniel Cortez at (817) 748-8039.

2021/2022 SKIL Schedule

Introduction to SKILMonday, October 18, 2021
Budget & FinanceMonday, November 15, 2021
Planning & DevelopmentMonday, January 10, 2022
Safety & SecurityMonday, February 28, 2022
Final Project DiscussionMonday, April 11, 2022
State Government - Austin State Capitol Friday, April 29, 2022
City Council Presentation Tuesday, May 3, 2022
SKIL Reception Thursday, May 26, 2022

SKIL in Action

Our Partners

For more information about any of our partners, please follow the links below.

Youth Entrepreneurship

TD Ameritrade
Since 2018,  TD Ameritrade has also volunteered to partner with CISD, the Southlake Chamber of Commerce and the City of Southlake to form a youth entrepreneurship component to the program. More information will be made available here as this component is further developed.