Special Household Items Disposal

Many common household items contain chemicals that can create environmental hazards if not handled properly. These wastes include televisions, computers, large kitchen appliances, needles/syringes, prescription/non-prescription drugs, and paints. Below is information about how you can safely handle and recycle or dispose of these more common household hazardous wastes. There is also information on how to dispose of/ donate or recycle other large household items such as furniture and mattresses.

Bulk Trash Pickup

Republic Services does offer Special Bulky Item Pickup for Southlake residents including brush and trees.
This service is offered for up to 12 cubic yards annually at no charge, after this Republic Services will send you a bill for the amount in excess of the 12 cubic yards. This pickup must be scheduled with Republic Services by calling (817) 317-2424. Watch the video below for bulky waste pickup information.


  1. Republic Customer Service

    (817) 317-2424

Televisions and Computers

Texas law now requires television and computer-equipment manufacturers to offer recycling opportunities to consumers for these electronics. Under the Computer Recycling and TV Recycling programs households have two options to recycle electronics.
  • Go to TexasRecyclesComputers.org to find out how to recycle your computer for free.
  • Go to TexasRecyclesTVs.org to find out options for recycling your television.
  • Browse other sources below from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality on electronics recycling and waste reduction:
    • STAR: State of Texas Alliance for Recycling
    • Earth911: To find recycling locations for a variety of household items.

Large Appliances

Appliances with cooling elements, such as motor vehicle air conditioners, household refrigerators and
freezers, window air conditioners, water coolers, vending machines, ice makers and dehumidifiers, are
required to be disposed of safely by the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA’s).  Republic Services can dispose of these items but the refrigerant chemicals must be removed prior to disposal by Republic Services.
  • Earth911: To find assistance on other disposal methods of large appliances.
Large appliances can also be donated if they are in working condition:

Needles and Syringes

For the safety of you and your family, as well as that of custodial and sanitation workers, we strongly encourage you to follow these recommendations when disposing of needles: Safe Needle/Syringe Disposal Do's and Don'ts