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Welcome to the Southlake Crime Control and Prevention District web pages. Below is a brief overview of the District and linked at the left are pages that will provide you more information about the governance of the District, how District funds have been spent, and District FAQs.  


The half-cent sales tax collection to fund the Crime Control and Prevention District (CCPD) began in April 1998, with the first sales tax check received in June 1998. State law provides that a district’s life is limited to five years, unless voters continue the district by approval of a referendum. 

In May 2017, Southlake voters once again took action related to this sales tax, choosing to reallocate a three-eighths-cent portion from the Crime Control and Prevention District to the formation of new sales tax district, Community Enhancement and Development Corporation (CEDC), to fund recreational and economic development projects. (Approval of the CEDC provides the funding needed to construct and support operations of the new community center, The Marq Southlake.) This leaves a one-eighth cent allocation remaining for CCPD activities through sunset. 

In a special election, the Southlake Crime Control & Prevention District Board called an election to ask voters to consider a twenty-year continuance of the current 1/8 cent sales tax that supports crime control, prevention programs, and capital purchases.  The motion passed overwhelmingly.

The use of district funds are defined by State law. In addition, Southlake voters reviewed general plans for the use of the funds when approving the sales tax which aligned with strategies that were established when the district was created:

Strategy One:  Achieve the highest standards of school safety and security through the School Resource Officer program.

Strategy Two:  Achieve the highest standards of safety and security through:

  • public education, community engagement, and specialized programs that support a low crime rate and effective emergency response;
  • modern technology and equipment;
  • a well-trained, well-equipped and professional police department
Strategy Three:  Invest to provide high quality public safety facilities.
  1. James Brandon

    Police Chief
    Phone: (817) 748-8114

Crime Control & Prevention District 

Chief James Brandon, CCPD Liaison


Ken McMillan, President, Place 1
(term expires: September 2019) 

Robert Williams, Vice President, Place 2 (term expires: September 2019)

Frank Powers, Place 3
(term expires: September 2019)

Richard Sandow, Place 4 
(term expires: September 2019)

MaryGrace Thoennes, Place 5
(term expires: September 2018)

William (Biff) McGuire, Place 6 
(term expires: September 2018) 

Craig Sturtevant, Place 7 
(term expires: September 2018)