District Projects and Programs

There are many legal provisions tied to the funding raised by a Crime Control District tax levy. Chapter 363 of the Texas Local Government Code outlines the permissible uses for CCPD monies.

In Southlake, the CCPD Board of Directors established four strategies to guide the spending of CCPD money for the district since 1997:  

Strategy One:  Enhancing Community Safety through Modern, Efficient Facilities.


At the time the district was created, Police Services operated out of one location in the city, which was not conducive to providing the efficient and modern services demanded by the community. This strategy was identified as the highest priority for the district, with other funds delegated cautiously until its goals were met.  Goals for strategy one included the acquisition of three specific sites for police and fire operations.

On July 1, 1998, the CCPD board approved a motion to negotiate land purchase for a tract of land near the intersection of FM 1709 and Randol Mill Road (west site) and at the corner of West Dove and North White Chapel (north site). The acquisition of both sites concluded prior to the conclusion of 1998. Following land acquisition of the west and north sites, efforts turned towards the purchase of land to replace the aging east facility. A location near the intersection of FM 1709 and Carroll was sought, before a decision was made to locate the east facility on the site of the previous City Hall building.

The efforts of strategy one can be seen today, as the DPS West, DPS Headquarters, and DPS North Training Facility exist as a result of the funding and resources allocated to this strategy.  Click here for more information about our public safety facilities.  

Strategy Two:  Enhancing Community Safety Through the Use of Modern Technology and Equipment.

When the district was created, technology was becoming more critical to the way that business was done and advances in technology led to more time spent on the street fighting crime. This strategy led to the implementation of an equipment replacement plan, conversion to an interoperable radio system and an increased use in computer systems. Today, this strategy continues to fund radio system upgrades as well as other technological improvements for the department that include body and dash cameras, SWAT equipment, security cameras, and rifles.

Strategy Three:  Enhanced Community Safety Through Professional Development.

Goals associated with this strategy called for the continual and advanced training of police personnel. Today, training remains an important component of the department and provides officers the skills, knowledge and abilities they need to perform their duties.

Strategy Four:  Enhance Community Safety Through Special Police Initiatives.

Strategy four involved the enhancement of community safety through special police initiatives. The initial plan called for funding to be allocated for the creation of a School Resource Officer (SRO) program. The lack of police resources at the time led to the limited implementation of the D.A.R.E program as well as the inability to assign any officers to Carroll ISD middle and intermediate school campuses.  Three SROs were funded by the district through FY 2009 (those positions were subsequently funded in the General Fund) and helped to address issues of campus safety, student education and deterrence for drug and gang related activity.  In 2013, the SRO program was expanded to allow placement of an officer at every CISD campus.  Today, the SRO program includes twelve officers, nine of which are funded through CCPD.  The remaining three are funded out of the General Fund. This strategy has also provided funding for other projects such as the K-9 program.